When two countries meet, the familiar and the unfamiliar come into view.

The concept of Cool Japan has grown apace. And we believe that all goods in this country are cool.

Some things are built on tradition, while others have a short history. There are high-priced products, and there are inexpensive ones. But they are all equal in that they have value.

We want to take the concept of Cool Japan, which has gained attention around the world, and redefine it for ourselves.

However, we do not see our aim as simply introducing quality products from Japan. We want to convey the Japanese lifestyle, know-how and understanding about living—the Japanese way of life.

We imagine daily life in other Asian countries and what kinds of products are necessary for the people living there from the time they awake in the morning to when they go to bed at night.

We imagine people in countries with different cultures and customs to those of Japan and what could bring a sense of happiness to them in their day-to-day living.

We imagine the kind of Japanese products that people living overseas would find attractive, would admire and in which they recognize value.

In these present times, culinary maestros from overseas are making their mark in Japan’ s restaurants. And this is also an age of critics.

Earlier, it was a time when restaurants that nobody had ever heard of, specializing in such fare as yakitori skewered chicken or soba buckwheat noodles, won Michelin recognition.

Today, if we are unable to adopt an external perspective when considering certain situations, tradition and history could very well disappear.

In terms of world markets, if the viewpoints of different people living in different countries and their livelihoods are ignored, there will probably be little chance of being able to dream of a global future.

We at TAKATRANS do of course take great pride in the delicacy and sophistication that go into the making of Japanese products.

However, we strongly feel that when Japan’ s fine qualities are conveyed overseas, it is necessary for us to consider closely our own aesthetic choices.

We have to reconsider the good products of Japan beyond the stereotypes of tradition, high quality and craftsmanship.

And based on the intention to export items related to the Japanese way of life or lifestyle, we at TAKATRANS carefully consider what is necessary or appropriate for the culture of the country of our business partners.

At TAKATRANS, we will continue our careful search for quality Japanese products—like a prospector seeking out the mother lode or an archeologist digging for ancient stone implements in the desert.

Using our skills and resources, we will seek out products that are not widely known even in Japan.

Rather than making a theoretical assessment in some office, we aim to examine potential items directly in hands-on fashion and in this way build up experience.

We at TAKATRANS believe that the good products of Japan are ones that go beyond the usual functions or categories and contain the possibility or potential to become cool.

As part of our business efforts, we will explore many other countries in Asia—the everyday existence of people living on islands or in highland regions as well as the daily lives of the people who commute to the big cities that are undergoing rapid economic growth.

We give serious consideration to the kind of products from Japan such people would like to have and bring some happiness into their lives.


We will continue to deliver good products overseas from Japan. But what we really want to convey is the Japanese way of life. This is something that has gradually developed in the country since ancient times—the insight, the ideas, the know-how and perhaps even the wisdom related to daily life.