With the aesthetics of Takashimaya and adaptability of transcosmos, TAKATRANS combines the special characteristics of the two companies in a single business entity.


We will build a new platform for bringing good-quality, attractive Japanese products to overseas markets, and we will establish an overseas sales network, which will involve coordination with supplier companies and other manufacturers.

With its clear aesthetic instincts, Takashimaya will offer quality products. Using its business expertise in e-commerce, transcosmos offers adaptability at the global level. Based on a synthesis of the two partner companies’ reliability, adaptability and acumen, TAKASHIMAYA TRANSCOSMOS INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE PTE. LTD. (abbreviated as TAKATRANS) was established in Singapore on March 3, 2015.

From among numerous lines of “Made in Japan” products, we will build relationships of mutual trust with the manufacturers, craftspeople, designers and artists who create high-quality products. We aim to connect them with our business partners and consumers overseas, where there is a demand for such products. Our goal is not simply the export of Japanese culture: it is about successfully finding the perfect match of products to meet local needs and creating new values for local lifestyles.

TAKATRANS aims to connect countries and serve as a business matching platform and hub, initially among ASEAN countries, and to extend its business development to other Asian countries in the future.

Takashimaya and TAKATRANS

Takashimaya supplies history and tradition as well as the expertise related to product procurement and sales-floor management based on its credibility, integrity and selling capacity, which have been developed through very extensive experience in the retail business.

transcosmos and TAKATRANS

transcosmos offers TAKATRANS the expertise it has developed in a broad range of e-commerce operational excellence as well as direct access to global markets in the area of e-commerce.

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Company Name

Takahiro Kawaguchi (Managing Director & CEO)
Yusuke Kuwahara (Director & COO)
Masahiro Hara (Director & CGAO)
Hitoshi Namba (Director)
Takashi Sube (Director)

[Contact Details]

Singapore Head Office
63 Chulia Street #15-01 OCBC Centre East, SINGAPORE 049514

Tokyo Branch Office
Takashimaya Group HQ Bldg. 2-12-10 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027, Japan

Singapore Head Office Location

Tokyo Branch Office Location